Noise & Illumination Surveys


Noise risk surveys :

Noise risk surveys is to be conducted where workers and others may be exposed to excessive noise levels. Every occupier of a factory must ensure that workers are not exposed to noise that exceeds that exposure standard level. To assess noise levels, our experts use sound level meter (SLM) and/or noise dose meter (NDM) which are designed to measure a frequency weighted and time weighted value of the sound pressure level in the locations where persons are working. In addition to conduct of survey, we suggest remedial measures to control the noise level and use of PPE’s.

Lighting/Illumination surveys :

Lighting/Illumination surveys (daytime and artificial) are conducted to evaluate the quality of lighting at your workplace against statutory requirements and to recommend corrective actions where necessary. Our experts with the use of Lux  meters, determine the type of work that takes place in each area, create lighting checklist, measure light levels and record them to compare with the standard required light intensity required to recommend corrective actions.