Our Special Safety Service

Combined Annual Safety Service (CASS) Package

  • We offer a package of unique and specialized safety services to suit your manufacturing process or activity. By entrusting us with this package, you can relieve yourself from the problems of facing accidents, inspections, PPE wearing compliance with statutory non-compliance, and legal actions.
  • This package is offered at an affordable and nominal cost compared to expenses due to non-compliance. The main services are the package includes;
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Annual Safety Inspections

  • Field Inspection with a comprehensive checklist conducted by safety experts.
  • Focus to identify hazards, unsafe acts, and unsafe conditions.
  • Offering solutions for irregularities and contraventions and other related issues.
  • Supply of inspection reports with appropriate advice for corrective action

Safety Committee Meetings

  • Strengthening of safety committee activities.
  • Ensuring effective compliance of Rule 61M of TNFR 1950
  • Formulating Safety Committee and directing to function effectively
  • Monitoring, Receiving, and evaluating the activities.
Emergency Preparedness
  • Aim to ‘zero’ loss of life and properties.
  • Preparedness in case of Incident/Emergency
  • Conducting Emergency Mock Drill once in a year and give suggestions to improve
emergency safety
Addressing / Advising Safety issues (24 / 7)
  • Offering proper ethical & legal solutions to safety issues during Accidents, Emergencies, Surveys & Analysis
  • Solving issues relating to inspections, legal actions, and approvals